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Coming from Alpha Video DVD on January 27th, 2004

The Lugosi Enterprises DVDs

There’s been a lot of curiosity on classic horror internet forums about the Bela Lugosi Presents discs coming out from Lugosi Enterprises, the company headed by Lugosi’s son, Bela Lugosi, Jr. When it was revealed that the first titles to be released were going to be THE DEVIL BAT and BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT – the question became how Lugosi Enterprises would manage to sell oft-seen and readily available public domain films. The consensus was that the prints would have to be top notch and the supplements filled with gems rarely, if ever, seen.  Would the DVDs meet the challenge and satisfy the expectations of hopeful fans?  Or would they confirm the opinions of the dubious that there'd be little interest in yet another presentation of THE DEVIL BAT and BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT? Commentaries for both discs were finished at the end of 2001, and fans expected the discs released in Spring 2002, but when nothing came, they waited week after week for news of their release, eager to hear of a sighting in stores or on an order form on the web. Well, the DVDs have finally arrived.   

What strikes one immediately is the high-class design and presentation.  The matching covers  by Kerry Gammill employ original poster artwork, pseudo gold-leaf lettering, a classic Dracula hypnotizing pose, and a flavorful use of fonts. Michael Price, author of FORGOTTEN HORRORS, provides entertaining back copy notes that seem, however, abridged from a lengthier text. The amray case holds an insert of a mini-poster different than the poster pictured on the front, and should the series be successful, it will be a delight to collect these and display them in small frames or as part of a larger piece.

The menu design by Mindsight is top-notch (particularly on THE DEVIL BAT!) and each film is divided into ten chapters. A youthful-looking Bela Lugosi Jr. introduces the general series, promising digitally remastered and enhanced presentations, sourced from the best available film elements, of many films never before available on the home video and DVD market. 

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The American Era

The Silent Command
The Rejected Woman
The Midnight Girl
Daughters Who Pay
How to Handle Women
The Veiled Woman
The Last Performance
(Dubbing Veidt's
   voice in later
   Hungarian print)

The Thirteenth Chair
Such Men are Dangerous
King of Jazz
Wild Company
Oh, for a Man!
Viennese Nights
Fifty Million Frenchmen
Women of all Nations
The Black Camel
Murders in the Rue Morgue
White Zombie
Chandu the Magician
Island of Lost Souls
The Death Kiss
The Whispering Shadow
(12 chapter serial)
Hollywood on Parade
International House
Night of Terror
The Devil's in Love
The Black Cat
Gift of Gab
The Return of Chandu
(12 chapter serial;
   also two features:
   The Return of Chandu,
   Chandu on the Magic Isle)

Best Man Wins
Mysterious Mr. Wong
Mark of the Vampire
The Raven
Murder by Television
Mystery of the Mary Celeste
The Invisible Ray
Postal Inspector
Shadow of Chinatown
(15 chapter serial,
   and feature version)

SOS Coastguard
(12 chapter serial,
   and feature version)

Son of Frankenstein
The Gorilla
The Phantom Creeps
(12 chapter serial,
   and feature version)

Dark Eyes of London
Saint's Double Trouble
Black Friday
You'll Find Out
The Devil Bat
The Black Cat
The Invisible Ghost
Spooks Run Wild
The Wolf Man
Ghost of Frankenstein
Black Dragons
The Corpse Vanishes
Bowery at Midnight
Night Monster
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
The Ape Man
Ghosts on the Loose
Return of the Vampire
Voodoo Man
Return of the Ape Man
One Body Too Many
The Bodysnatcher
Zombies on Broadway
Genius at Work
Scared to Death
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
Glen or Glenda?
Bride of the Monster
The Black Sleep
Plan Nine from Outer Space

The legendary Bela Lugosi (1882-1956) embodies the black-and-white horror film of the 20th century, from the impressive classics like WHITE ZOMBIE to the diverting excesses like THE APE MAN. Lugosi is the only horror actor to have seen employment in Germany's ground breaking silent chillers (F.W. Murnau's DER JANUSKOPF), Universal's Golden Age of Horror in the early 1930s, its second breath of life in the forties, and the Poverty Row quickies that have garnered such a dedicated cult following among baby boomers and their children. He acted in a "Hammer Film" many years before that company attained worldwide attention with their colorful Gothic shockers, and became a fixture in the 1950s world of Ed Wood, which resulted, decades later, in what could be labeled a tangential posthumous honor from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when Martin Landau won an Oscar for his portrayal of "poor Bela." 

No matter how insufficient the budget, trivial the script or jarring his personal life, Bela Lugosi never gave an indifferent performance. According to the remembrances of his directors and co-stars, he worked with the utmost professionalism. With his life a mixture of triumph and tragedy, perseverance and pathos, Lugosi emerges as a recognized mythical figure of cinema. His films are valued, if not always for their artistic merit, then precisely for his presence, which still captivates and enthralls audiences in this new millennium.

-- Mirek

LUGOSI: HOLLYWOOD'S DRACULA is feature-length documentary, presented on two-discs, contains rare film fragments, interviews, and much more -- a wealth of Lugosiana that will surely delight all Lugosi fans. To find out more about this release and how to order, visit


Alpha Video continues their Lugosi line with new budget DVD releases of two Lugosi serials, SHADOW OF CHINATOWN and THE WHISPERING SHADOW. Each serial is available on a two-disc set. 

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